Denver Roller Derby is proud to support our affiliate men’s program Ground Control. Ground Control is a member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association. While DRD and Ground Control are separate leagues, we are active in supporting each other. We coach each other, practice together, and work jointly to help each other grow. If you’re interested in becoming a part of Ground Control please contact us.


Get Started!

We’re ALWAYS looking for interested in joining the team — no experience necessary! We’ve got an outstanding coaching staff and experienced players who can help even the most novice people get rolling.

We generally practice Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoon/evenings.


If you’re brand new to Roller Derby, we’d love to have you come watch a practice and have a chat with some of the guys. We’ve got a few options to get you started, depending on how comfortable you are on skates. If you’re a stable skater with experience on quads, we’ll try to get you up to speed by practicing with the team as quickly as possible. If you need a little more time to get your wheels under you, you can join DRD’s Flight School, our league-wide training program. But first things first, come to a practice, meet the team and coaches, and we’ll talk about what’s the best option for you.


If you’re transferring in from another league, or have experience playing derby, bring your gear — we’ll get you on the track right away!


There’s a long list of things that will get you started in Roller Derby, but here are the basics of what it means to be part of our team:

  1. — You’ll need full Derby Gear, including quad skates and protective gear
  2. — You’ll pay monthly dues to Denver Roller Derby, which pays for our practice space, tournament entry fees, and various other team and league expenses
  3. — We travel! Charter Team members can expect to go on at least three trips outside of Colorado each season. While we do some fundraising, there is some individual expense involved in participating on our travel team
  4. — You’ll need to be insured with supplemental insurance, currently offered through the WFTDA (we also HIGHLY recommend personal health insurance coverage — this is a full contact sport, and this supplemental coverage only goes into effect in very limited circumstances)


Before you drop in to a practice, give us a shout to confirm our upcoming practice schedule. Email us at, or contact us on FB Messenger at

Denver Roller Derby