Denver Roller Derby

There’s More To Us Than Meets The Eye

Mission Statement
Denver Roller Derby is dedicated to a passion for promoting speed, strength, athleticism and our commitment to our fans and each other. We are Denver’s premier flat track derby league training athletes of all age’s team unity and sportsmanship.

About Denver Roller Derby
Denver Roller Derby was originally founded by twenty courageous skaters who formed the Denver Roller Dolls in December 2005. The past years have allowed Colorado’s best flat track derby league to grow into an opportunity for adults and juniors to experience the wonderful sport of roller derby. Our goal is to empower women, children and men with a supportive atmosphere and athletic training so they can skate competitively at regional or national levels.

Who is Denver Roller Derby?
Skaters and fans from throughout the Denver metro area are encouraged to participate in this love of roller derby we all share! All our skaters, coaches, officials and announcers commit their time to this amazing skater-owned and operated non-profit organization. Our success is a direct result of the support our sponsors, fans, skaters and volunteers show every day.

We are proud to have an excellent men’s roller team, Ground Control as fellow organization leaders. Denver’s best men’s flat track derby league trains and recruits some of the some of the strongest athletes on the track. If you are interested in joining the men’s flat track team Ground Control, click here for more information.

Denver Roller Derby is also home to an A Team (Mile High Club), B Team (Bruising Altitude) and a C Team (The Standbys). Our Junior skaters, Major Turbulence, are trained by league members and supported in a safe environment.

Upcoming Events

October 24th
Halloween Mix Up

Doors at 3:30pm, game starts at 4:30pm at the Glitterdome (3600 Wynkoop Street in Denver)

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