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With DRD since

Shadow Cat has been with the league since the fall of 2010. When Shadow began skating, her primary method of stopping was by clutching the shag carpet walls of the Wagon Wheel Skating Rink, but motivated by a truly unhealthy level of competitiveness and desire to hit people, she quickly learned to skate and became a formidable player. Shadow was named Most Feared Skater in the league three years in a row, and served as captain of DRD's all-star team "The Mile High Club" for the 2014 season. At the end of the 2015 season Shadow retired from skating, but continues to coach her former home team the "Shotgun Betties" citing studies in peer-reviewed, highly prestigious journals that say, "The entire scientific community has reached the empirically demonstrable conclusion that the Shotgun Betties are just better than everyone else in every conceivable category. They're stronger, smarter, more attractive, and the bada$$ery quotient scale had to be recalibrated because they were literally off-the-charts awesome."

Denver Roller Derby