Photo Credit: Nicole Marie Kulinski

Assistant Coach of Ground Control

With DRD since

RockScar wants a new tour bus full of old guitars. Her own star on Hollywood Boulevard. Somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for her. By day RockScar is a nerd, throwing around numbers as a statistician, but by night she rocks her fake tan and Jimmy Choos backstage anywhere she can dance.

The bling of DRD attracted RockScar to the league in September of 2008. She earned her stars when she was drafted onto the Green Barrettes in March of 2009 and her rock moves got her onto Bruising Altitude in June of that same year. She held the position of Green Barrettes Captain for the 2010 season because, after all, she wants to be great like Elvis without the tassels.

Rockscar has temporarily retired from skating to focus on coaching the Denver Men's Team Ground Control.

Denver Roller Derby