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Mile High Club Coach

With DRD since

The Dirt Monkey was born into servitude as an original member of the Pit Crew in the first DRD bout in 2006 helping to clean wheels, fix skates and maintain the track. In July 2008, the Dirt Monkey was elevated to assistant coach for the MHC travel team and went along on the ride that ended with an impressive showing at the Western Regional Tournament as the 12th and final seed. Dirt continues to work with the Mile High Club and is known primarily for his supply of replacement toe stops, calling lineups during bouts, and occasionaly donning a kilt.

The Dirt Monkey has played various team sports for over 30 years including baseball, football, soccer, ice hockey and Gaelic hurling as well as non-team sports including skiing, scuba diving and wrestling. None of these things are generally played on quad skates. This has given him a rather diverse base of apparently disparate strategies and techniques to attempt and apply to roller derby. If asked, he will ramble on and on and on about this. Consider yourselves warned.

In November 2009 the Dirt Monkey received one of the third-place bronze medals MHC received for finishing third at the WFTDA National Tournament. It is large, heavy, and quite fabulous. He received another one in 2012 when the Mile High Club again took third at the WFTDA National Tournament.

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