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Announcer, Skater

With DRD since

It was a rather blustery day, when I was visited by my friend who shared with me information about this excellent sport called “Roller Derby”. As I had never before seen such a spectacle like this, I gathered my honey and finished up my Up, Down, Touch the Ground exercises and went to watch my first game.

I was so enamored with the sport that I was determined to see if I could learn and play this sport. I heard about a Co-Ed league in my area and began skating.

Along the way, I was asked to announce a bout or two, and found that I was decent at announcing the sport and focused on this aspect of my derby career for a few years.

Then one day, while I was visiting my thinking spot, I heard that Denver had a new men’s team. I joined and began skating with the team and look forward to seeing were I can go as a skater on the track.

I still enjoy announcing and continue to call for various teams and tournaments, but I am focused on becoming the best skater I can as well!

Denver Roller Derby