With DRD since

Trauma came to Denver from Philadelphia, and while she's still kind of a stranger in a strange land off of the east coast, she's thrilled to have found a home in the roller derby community. She found derby post-breakup in 2014, and while she proved a lackluster skater, the siren call of Teams Zebra and Flamingo spoke to her and she's been officiating full time since 2014. She's honored to work and learn under some of the best officials in Colorado at DRD, and has been thrilled to actively travel the country for derby.

While Trauma would love to claim feats of athletic greatness and strength, her prior involvement in sports mostly consists of sitting on the sidelines. Surprisingly, she can ice skate well and played hockey for a year. In high school, Trauma attempted to play lacrosse, but the less said about that the better. When she's not NSOing or enrolling students into adult education programs, Trauma is an avid traveler, loves to cook and bake, and tries to cram more than she can into 24 hours per day.

Despite everything she has just written, she's also not wholly comfortable writing about herself in the third person.

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