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Tuff Muff (Muffy) started skating in the fall of 2010 in Missoula MT. She had never skated or played team sports in her life, but she instantly fell in love with all things derby related. At the time she was a new mom and having a bit of an identity crisis. Becoming a rollergirl changed all of that and it has shaped her into the person and skater she is today. In 2016 she and her partner decided to move their little family down to Denver CO after being offered an employment opportunity that was too good to turn down. Muffy has enjoyed watching Denver Roller Derby during all of her years as a skater and is still in shock every time she gets to practice and skate with such amazing athletes.

Tuff Muff is a stay at home mom who loves cooking food for her family and smashing the crap out of people equally. She also loves fancy coffee and riding bikes.

Athletic Background
Tuff Muff only had backgrounds in solo sports before roller derby. Growing up in the rural mountains of Montana, her parents spent most weekends hiking, downhill skiing, biking, swimming and water skiing. Growing up she tried many team sports, but never stuck with any of them. That is until she found derby, she often says. "I've quit every other team sport I have tried, but I just can't quit roller derby. It's way too much fun!" She has taken some long extended breaks over the years, most recently for the birth of her 2nd child. She also plans to continue to spend her summers in Montana skating with the The Hellgate Rollergirls while she is away.

Her home team The Dirt Road Dolls from Missoula MT took first place in Montana's first ever state wide roller derby tournament. It was the most amazing team bonding experience of her derby career.

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