Photo Credit: Dave Wood


With DRD Since
February 2010

Green Barrettes, Mile High Club

Primary Position

Suz has many names. Just like with any group of friends nick names come and some stick and some do not. On Mile High the skaters use their real last names. So, in 2011 you would have to look for "Long" on her shirt when she played in the Blue and Silver and look for "The Terrible Suz" when she played in the Pink and Brown for the Shotgun Betties or the Purple for Bruising Altitude. However, Suz's real name shortens to S. H. Long and has created some awesome and totally inappropriate nick names. And in keeping with this good humor, Suz plans to skate under S. H. Long indefinitely.

Athletic Background
Suz grew up skating when at the age of 4 her Dad decided that TV watching on Saturday AM was unacceptable. The whole family went to the rink. Then her brother started competing in freestyle skating, then Suz and slightly later her parents became a dance pair. She has some uber-adorable pictures with great 80's make up (bright blue eye shadow, bright pink cheeks) and cute little leotards from her early competition days.

Suz almost never won and she was sore loser. So, she hopped around from freestyle to dance skating to speed skating all on Quads and all before high school. Once high school began she was too cool for skating and just did some outdoor inline skating things until her early 20's when she took up inline speed skating. This was just a casual activity for her to get a workout as she was traveling a ton for work. Eventually, in her late 20's she stopped traveling and found the Denver Roller Dolls.

2010 Rookie of the Year/ 2010 Bruising Altitude Best Blocker/ 2011 Bruising Altitude Best Blocker/ 2011 Most Feared/ 2011 Best Hip Check/ 2012 Best Hip Check/ 2012 Shotgun Betties MVP

Denver Roller Derby