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With DRD Since

Orange Crushers

Primary Position
Blocker, Jammer

BOOM! Traveling faster than the speed of sound is the younger daughter of awesome Puerto Rican parents. She grew up in Panama City, Florida, after her dad relocated the family for his work. Supersonic grew up as a tomboy, playing outside whenever she could, and was generally a mischievous brat.
Fast forward seventeen years, and on the heels of a bad breakup, Sonic decided she needed to find herself again because she had forgotten how awesome she is. She thought about how much she had always loved rollerskating, and thought that roller derby might be an excellent way to release her pent up frustration. After finding out about the Denver Roller Dolls from an online search, she tried out a week later in January 2013. She was drafted as a Green Barrette in May 2013.

When not racing around the rink, Sonic spends her time skiing and saving lives. With her BSN in nursing, Sonic works a demanding but enjoyable job at a Denver hospital. Although she sometimes misses the white beaches of the Florida gulf coast, she wouldn’t trade them for Colorado’s killer slopes, the Nuggets, or ice-racing her car Xena Warrior Princess.. Sonic has also been a three-time recipient of the John Johnson Award for Excellence in Topiary Sculpture and is an avid pet rock collector.

Athletic Background
Sonic learned how to rollerskate when she was about 5 years old, and became a rink rat when she was 8. When she was 10, a nice lady and her 2 children moved to Panama City and started a speedskating team. Sonic knew she had to join right away! In 1994 she competed at the Junior Olympic National Speedskating Championships in Buffalo New York, where she earned a bronze medal. Sonic then began competitive inline skating as well. However, after 3 years, she hung up her skates and focused on school. Sonic dabbled in track in high school, but spent most of her time being a band nerd, studying a ton, and being a goof.. Her mother always said, “You don’t need to rely on a man, you need to be a strong independent woman” – and she was right! Sonic became the strong, arse-kicking woman her mother groomed her to be.


Denver Roller Derby