Photo Credit: Salvador Photography

20 (formerly hiy0)

With DRD Since
January 2012

Orange Crushers, Mile High Club

Primary Position

Midge may look 12, but don't worry. She's really 13.

When not skating, she's busy building web applications, broadening her DIY crafts and trying to learn how to play the accordion.

Athletic Background
As an adult, Midge decided she wanted to participate in a real sport (no offense to all pro jump ropers). But she didn't want to go the mainstream sport route, so a year after watching her first roller bout, she knew the only way to get it off her mind was to get skates and try out.

In the summer of 2010, she bought quads and began going to the junior team practices so she could be ready for tryouts. After convincing the women that she was indeed old enough to be hit, she began skating with the Choice City Rebels in Fort Collins. In 2013, she transferred to the Denver Roller Dolls to broaden her skating and derby abilities.


Denver Roller Derby