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Soccer mom gone derby!

She's a stay at home mom of five minions so she's all about Rayzing Wicked.

Wicked grew up in Commerce City, Colorado and attended the local high school where she was known as the sweet, shy girl. Who knew she would lace up her first pair of skates and fall in love with roller derby?

Her only derby experience was going to junior bouts to watch one of her favorite derby girls, Darth Skater. It was then along with two of her best friends, Beetle Jukes and Beautiful Disaster, she decided to tryout.

Roller Derby has had such an empowering and uplifting affect on Wicked that she decided to put her own daughter on the Denver Juniors team, Major Turbulence.

You can now find Rayzing Wicked skating the streets around town or at bouts with her daughter, Choke Cherry Slam.

Athletic Background
Rayzing Wicked spent 14 years as a gymnast and loved every minute of it.

High Altitude Achiever Flight School 2015

Denver Roller Derby