Photo Credit: Salvador Photography


With DRD Since
July 2011

Green Barrettes, Standbys

Primary Position

Keeper of the Skate, or KOTS are she is referred to, got her name from a song from a scary band called Terror which chorus goes like this “Keepers of the faith / I will defend your name / Only true believers remain / The blood, the sweat we gave / Through all my joys and pains / You can't deny the keepers of the faith” which she thought was a very fitting for roller derby. KOTS was a long term rink rat in her younger life spending many childhood weekends enjoying the smooth wood of Roll-O-Rama Skate Center. She never really caught the derby bug even though her sister Shirley Mowyadowney started skating with the Dolls in 2010. After much pestering from her sister and a college degree in Humanities finished with KOTS finally decided in July of 2011 to give derby a try and found herself at tryouts and hasn’t looked back since. When she isn’t at practice you can find her working at a law firm in Boulder, going to various concerts around Denver or spending time at home with her bearded other half Josh.

Athletic Background
KOTS was a self-described super-achiever in high school earning 6 Athletic letters in Swimming and Tennis, spent a season as captain of the swim team and a stint with the school’s color guard but during her college years she decided to do adult things like getting a job and gaining 30 pounds and neglected her athletic leanings. She still will swim and play tennis with her nieces and but derby is her current athletic focus.

Best Events Attendance 2011

Denver Roller Derby