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August 2011

Orange Crushers

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Audacious, tenacious and vivacious, that’s how Karen Yerassup rolls….literally. Militarily born and raised over the Great West, the rough roads of the Rocky Mountain state are where she calls home. #222 is what she rocks, a throwback to the Award winning comedic television series and alter-ego actress with the same name. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and just as easy on the eyes as the wholesome teacher Miss Alice Johnson. When she’s not either crackin’ heads or breakin’ hearts, KY’s saving lives and avenging the underdog as a social worker at a local hospital. A grad of both Mizzou and DU, she’s both ferocious as a Tiger and mean as a Pioneer.

Athletic Background
Half Salt, half Pepa and half Beastie Boy, KY has a penchant for the adrenalin-producing side of life. With a childhood spent airborne between the uneven bars and back handsprings, this Shotgun Bettie enjoys all the outdoors that Colorado can throw at her. Able to take a bruisin’ better than the best of them, you can generally find her throwing a mean elbow into Mother Nature herself, decked out in some sweet orange knee pads or leopard prints while biking, skiing or rockin’ adventure races. Watch out boys and bring it on Dolls, ‘cause this KY is intense.


Denver Roller Derby