Photo Credit: Dave Wood


With DRD Since

Bad Apples, Mile High Club

Primary Position
Blocker, Jammer, Pivot

Barrett Is a Colorado girl to the core. She was home grown on the Western Slope and has been loving life in Denver since 2006. Barrett's professional background is in food and wine, hence the name (Brix (°Bx) measures must levels [sugar] in wine grapes that ultimately determines how much alcohol a wine will have). However she has recently made a career jump and has gotten back in touch with her artistic side. She is the head of the decor department and set up team at one of Denver's hottest night clubs and event centers. When Barrett is not creating sets for work, or skating with DRD, she is spending time with her dog Cricket, cooking delicious food, or hanging in the outdoors.

Athletic Background
Barrett grew up participating in every sport her little mountain town had to offer from gymnastics, to basketball, and soccer, she was always keeping busy with sports. She really got serious about sports around age 10 when she joined the swim team. She swam competitively until she graduated high school. During high school, she was on the state swim team all four years and also dove for her team for three of those four years. Her other passions included rock climbing and doing water sports in the summer and snowboarding the winter. In college she joined the intramural water polo team and continued to climb and spend time on the mountain.

Though Barrett has no background in skating, she has managed to make roller derby a way of life as an adult. DRD has become her second family and she is so proud to skate with such an amazing group of people.

2011 League Best Blocking Pair (with Boo Boo Radley)/ 2012 Green Barrettes MVP/ 2012 Best Derby Wives (with Ajax)

Denver Roller Derby