Bruising Altitude is DRD’s JV all-star traveling team. It is made up of women from all four home teams, all with the ultimate goal of honing their skills in order to make the Mile High Club. Bruising Altitude is widely recognized as one of the strongest ‘B’ teams in the country. Like many JV teams, you might see some familiar faces from the Mile High Club also playing for Bruising. These are skaters who are still working on becoming regularly rostered for MHC, and getting some extra playing time with Bruising while they get there.

So unbuckle your seatbelt because you’ve reached Bruising Altitude.


Introducing the Bruising Altitude skaters:

Abena “Norah P Neffrin” Watson-Siriboe


Abena “Norah P Neffrin” Watson-Siriboe #91



AnaSassin #5150

Charlotte Bupowski


Charlotte Bupowski #TBA



Clam #212

Farm Fresh


Farm Fresh #2

Kara ʺBabe A Fettʺ Simpson


Kara ʺBabe A Fettʺ Simpson #525



Pipsqueak #406

Coaching Staff:



Saul Good

Saul Good
Denver Roller Derby