Fast, fearless, fierce home team competition commences with our opening home team bout on Saturday, May 18.  The action starts as soon as you walk in the door, as all but one of our 1st Bank Center home team bouts this year will have a drive for items needed in the community.  The team that encourages its players, league mates, and fans to bring the most contributions throughout the season will receive special recognition at our championship bout, and we’ll have special giveaways for the fans who contribute.

Bout #1 aligns with Colorado Supporting Our Troops, a local non-profit which sends care packages to military personnel serving overseas.  These are the specific items we need YOU to bring to the door, and put in the box marked “Bad Apples” for your favorite team of which this author has no partiality:

White cotton good quality socks
Beef jerky
Nuts (almonds, cashews, mixed)
Baby wipes
Trail mix
Canned fruit like mandarin oranges, pears
Dried fruits
Great tasting snacks
Dried salami
Pudding cups
Progresso beefy soups
Chilula hot sauce
Spicy Cheetos
Canned chili
Beef-a-roni and ravioli
Pop tarts
Alka Seltzer/cold medicines
Cough drops
Hand and toe warmers
Chocolate syrup
Chocolate bars (dark and milk)
Small fleece blankets
Muscle creams, tiger balm

We are also excited to announce  Love, Hope, Strength will be at each of our bouts in 2013!  A quick, painless cheek swab at intermission adds you to their bone marrow testing registry.  Get on the list and save a life!


Finally, our friend, fan, and mascot Jackie Martinez will be raising funds to fight Multiple Sclerosis via the 2013 MS Walk.  To join Team Hope as a walker or to donate, click here.


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