Q&A, Roller Derby—Okay, sports fans, admit it! You watch professional football regularly, also Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NHL, World Cup Soccer, the PGA Circuit, Grand Slam Tennis, and yet you wonder about that which can be tagged outer circle sports. You wonder how some of the outer circle sports function, you might ask what’s the appeal of, say, LaCrosse, Formula One Motor Racing, Track & Field, maybe of a sport that went into decline after a run of national popularity more than 40 years ago, such as ROLLER DERBY, now transformed from what was largely entertainment to serious and mist enjoyable competition .  .  .

.  .  .  Here’s a look at ROLLER DERBY-2014 from an interview that we conducted with senior team exec for the sport’s DENVER ROLLER DOLLS, “Anna Filson.”

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Denver Roller Derby