Colorado Women’s Roller Derby, Inc.

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The code of conduct for league members and affiliates is in place to preserve the spirit of the sport of roller derby and to uphold a professional and positive environment. All league members and affiliates are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and professionally toward fellow league members and affiliates at all times. League members and affiliates are responsible to hold themselves accountable and are solely responsible for their own behavior. Denver Roller Derby league members and affiliates are prohibited from behaving towards any member or affiliate of the roller derby community in a way that could be considered discriminatory or demeaning, including: intimidation, verbal abuse or harassment, sexual harassment or assault, and/or physical violence beyond the normal scope of game play. This applies not only to fellow league members and affiliates but extends to fans, volunteers, coaches, skating/non-skating officials, and members of other leagues. League members and affiliates are to represent the sport of roller derby in a positive manner that will not discredit teammates, other league members and affiliates, or jeopardize inter-league relations.

All Denver Roller Derby members and affiliates must respect the safety of fellow skaters and themselves, and respect the mission and core values of Denver Roller Derby. Included in this is any use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco that can endanger spectators, fellow teammates, opposing skaters, or the skater themselves. League members and affiliates are representatives of Denver Roller Derby and are prohibited to participate in any illegal activity during practice, bouts, or any league sponsored activities. The code of conduct also prohibits all behavior that can or may be considered discriminatory on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Outside of league activities, members are prohibited to express league business on social media networks, the press, or media in any negative context. While speaking about league business on a public forum, the league must be represented in a positive and productive manner.

Repeated or egregious violation of the Denver Roller Derby Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary measures being enacted which include but are not limited to: single or multi-game suspension, skating suspension not to exceed 30 days, and/or termination of an individual’s membership or affiliation.

By participating in Denver Roller Derby, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the handbook, the league’s official bylaws, and all other policies and procedures set forth by the league. Individual membership/affiliation is conditional upon adherence to these rules and the code of conduct; failure to comply may result in termination of membership. The materials contained in the Denver Roller Derby Handbook are for your use and reference, however such materials are subject to change. You may contact the HR Committee regarding any updates or changes to such materials, including any amendments to league policies or bylaws.


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