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May 19, 2012 – Broomfield, Colorado – The 1STBANK Center, home of the Denver Roller Dolls, will host the first regular-season bout between the Mile High Club (the Denver Roller Dolls’ all-star team) and the 5280 Fight Club (the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls’ all-star team) this Saturday. Despite being based in the same city, this is also the first bout between the two teams at any time since they met up twice during the 2009 post-season. The teams were expected to play each other during the 2010 and 2011 post-seasons, with Rocky Mountain entering the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s West Region Playoffs as the second seed and Denver as the third seed both years. However, Denver was upset both times during opening bouts and failed to reach the finals to play Rocky Mountain.

After a stunning 235-97 win over Bay Area exactly four weeks ago at home, Denver suffered a disappointing 151-115 loss on the road last weekend when they travelled to Portland to play Rose City. Rocky Mountain also lost their last WFTDA-sanctioned bout 160-113, against Bay Area the day after the Denver/Bay Area game. Based on triangulation of results against Bay Area, Denver is expected to win.

Denver’s roster remains largely unchanged from previous seasons, with the exception of new transfers fleet-footed Sandrine Rangeon from Montreal and hard-hitting Shaina Serelson from Cheyenne. Rocky Mountain’s roster has changed significantly from last season, losing standout multiple-threat sisters DeRanged and Psycho Babble but gaining a pair of transfers from the Chicago Outfit, Gaygan and Sweet Mary Pain. Sweet Mary Pain was voted tournament MVP at the WFTDA North Central Region Playoffs in 2011.

Denver’s Mile High Club vs. Rocky Mountain’s 5280 Fight Club will be the first bout of a double header, starting at 7pm MDT.

Denver Roster: 4 Jessica Rivas // 5 Deirdre Sage // 9v Vicky Cruz // 19 Julie Adams // 20 Monica Carson // 24 Sandrine Rangeon // 28 Krisana Barrett // 307 Shaina Serelson // 357 November James // 719 Amanda Sharpless // 831 S.H. Long // 1982 Ariel Quigley // 99 Tracy Akers // 303 Heather Juska

Rocky Mountain Roster: 00 Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Block Ya // 9 Amanda Jamitinya // 10 RoboFlow // 30 Rad Die // 37 Bob Loblaw // 86 Assaultin’ Pepa // 99 May Q. Pay // 122 Casstrator // 202 Frida Beater // 422 Gaygan // 378 Toxic Taunic // 9er Uber Alice // M80 Sweet Mary Pain // 31 Fiona Grapple

Photo by Kane Photography

The second bout of the night will feature both leagues’ JV all-star teams, Denver’s Bruising Altitude and Rocky Mountain’s Contenders. These two teams have met three times before, with the record currently at 2-1 in favor of Rocky Mountain.

Bruising Altitude is currently at 1-1 for the 2012 season, with a 207-44 win over the Philly Rollergirls’ Independence Dolls at home, and a 158-130 loss to the Rose City Rollers’ Axles of Annihilation on the road. The Contenders have not yet seen any action during the 2012 season are 2-0 for the season, with wins against Pueblo and also Philly’s Independence Dolls.

Bruising Altitude Roster: 409 AJAX // 27 Alex Terminateu // 28 Brix Hithouse // 175 Claudia Shankher // 238 Double Easy // 18 Fawn Stalking // 86’d Hell Blaeser // 311 Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang // 617 Kish of Death // 350 Muffin // 24ct RockScar // 129 Shadow Cat // 314 Slamsonite // 212 To Infinity & Yvonne (TInY)

Contenders Roster: 719 Alpha Q Up // 100% BATass // 75 Bijou Blacnbleu // NC17 Blitz Britva // 1101 Blue Scream of Death // 22 Cap’n Crunch // 122 Casstrator // 3 Catholic Cruel Girl // P5 Fanny Tackleya // 518 Juno It’ll Hurt // 13th Scar Mitzvah // 88 She Who Cannot Be Named // 319 Quentin Tearintoya // 9er Uber Alice

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