Denver Roller Derby

Denver Roller Derby has four home teams: The Bad Apples, Green Barrettes, Shotgun Betties, and Orange Crushers. Every skater in the league is put on a home team once she passes a series of basic skills tests. The home teams are a place for skaters to continue developing their skills while also learning teamwork and advanced strategy.

The Green Barrettes are a well-oiled green machine. They execute their plays with military discipline.  The Barrettes are comrades in arms, and have some of the most fearsome blocking pairs in the league. They control the pack with tactical strategy and muscle born of a thousand pushups.

Introducing the Green Barrettes:

Amanda ʺThe Swiss Missileʺ Sharpless


Amanda ʺThe Swiss Missileʺ Sharpless #719



AnaSassin #5150

Annie Virus


Annie Virus #52

Assault N. Progress


Assault N. Progress #187

Cindy Vermin


Cindy Vermin #645

Deirdre “Boo Boo Radley” Sage


Deirdre “Boo Boo Radley” Sage #5

Keeper of the Skate


Keeper of the Skate #412

Lexie “Faye Tall Blonde” White


Lexie “Faye Tall Blonde” White #7954



Raebies #N/A

S. H. Long


S. H. Long #831

The Outlaw


The Outlaw #7

Upcoming Events

September 26th
Porter House Charity Bout

Doors at 5pm, game starts at 6pm at the Glitterdome (3600 Wynkoop Street in Denver)

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