Denver Roller Derby

Denver Roller Derby has four home teams: The Bad Apples, Green Barrettes, Shotgun Betties, and Orange Crushers. Every skater in the league is put on a home team once she passes a series of basic skills tests. The home teams are a place for skaters to continue developing their skills while also learning teamwork and advanced strategy.

The Bad Apples are the original bad girls. Rocking leather jackets and a bad attitude, you don’t want to meet these girls in a dark alley. The Bad Apples are a gang and they always have each other’s backs. Messing with one of them will bring on a world of hurt, as their opponents have found out time and again.

Introducing the Bad Apples:

Ariel “Crash Dance” Quigley


Ariel “Crash Dance” Quigley #1982

Ashley “Jersey Justice” Bucsek


Ashley “Jersey Justice” Bucsek #4

Bad Data


Bad Data #0

Bijou Blacnbleu


Bijou Blacnbleu #75

D-Day Doll


D-Day Doll #53

Erin “Rampage” Lee


Erin “Rampage” Lee #116

Heather “Smack Her Roni” Wehner


Heather “Smack Her Roni” Wehner #1258

Helen Wheels


Helen Wheels #67

Kara ʺBabe A Fettʺ Simpson


Kara ʺBabe A Fettʺ Simpson #525

Speeda Von Teese


Speeda Von Teese #107


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