Denver Roller Derby

Denver Roller Derby has four home teams: The Bad Apples, Green Barrettes, Shotgun Betties, and Orange Crushers. Every skater in the league is put on a home team once she passes a series of basic skills tests. The home teams are a place for skaters to continue developing their skills while also learning teamwork and advanced strategy.

The Bad Apples are the original bad girls. Rocking leather jackets and a bad attitude, you don’t want to meet these girls in a dark alley. The Bad Apples are a gang and they always have each other’s backs. Messing with one of them will bring on a world of hurt, as their opponents have found out time and again.

Introducing the Bad Apples:

Ariel “Crash Dance” Quigley


Ariel “Crash Dance” Quigley #1982

Ashley “Jersey Justice” Bucsek


Ashley “Jersey Justice” Bucsek #44

Bad Data


Bad Data #0

Bijou Blacnbleu


Bijou Blacnbleu #75

D-Day Doll


D-Day Doll #53

Erin “Rampage” Lee


Erin “Rampage” Lee #116

Heather “Smack Her Roni” Wehner


Heather “Smack Her Roni” Wehner #1258

Mazel Tuff


Mazel Tuff #66

Speeda Von Teese


Speeda Von Teese #107

Virginia Creeper


Virginia Creeper #320

Upcoming Events

June 20th
Orange Crushers vs. RMRG Daisies and Bad Apples vs. Green Barrettes

Doors at 5pm, games start at 6pm at the Glitterdome (3600 Wynkoop Street in Denver)

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