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Denver Roller Derby is made up of seven teams: four home teams, and A, B, and C level traveling all-star teams. In addition, we actively support our affiliate men’s program, Ground Control, and our junior team, Major Turbulence. Every skater in the league is put on a home team once she passes a series of basic skills tests. The home teams are a place for skaters to continue developing their skills while also learning teamwork and advanced strategy. The Denver Roller Derby home teams primarily play intraleague bouts, but will occasionally play against the home teams of other local leagues. The home teams are the Bad Apples, Green Barrettes, Shotgun Betties, and Orange Crushers.

The best skaters on each home team may also compete on one of Denver Roller Derby’s three traveling all-star teams: Mile High Club, Bruising Altitude, and The Standbys. The Mile High Club (MHC) represents DRD on the national level. These are the most feared and ferocious skaters in the league. The Mile High Club has consistently been ranked among the top ten in the nation since their third place finish at the national championships in 2009, and has produced internationally recognized skaters.

Denver Roller Derby is so overflowing with talent that we’ve had to form two more traveling teams. In 2009 a second traveling team, Bruising Altitude, was created. Bruising Altitude, Denver Roller Derby’s junior varsity team, is a place for up and coming skaters to gain experience and continue to sharpen their skills while preparing to make the jump to MHC. Bruising Altitude is recognized as one of the fiercest ‘B’ teams in the country.

In 2014, to keep pace with the league’s growing talent, we made yet another traveling team: The Standbys. The Standbys have all of the fun, and provide a great training ground for skaters to sharpen their skills by skating against other smaller, local leagues.

Denver Roller Derby’s Home Teams

All-Star Travel Team

JV Travel Team

C Team

Men’s Roller Derby Team Ground Control

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Bad Apples vs RMRG SKG | GB vs SB

Doors at 5pm, games at 6pm at the Glitterdome (3600 Wynkoop Street in Denver)

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